What is the environmental impact of your company?

Your company is part of the agricultural and/or horticultural sector. Whether you work at a nursery, supply potting soil or manufacture packaging: your business activities have an impact on the environment. This impact is also referred to as the footprint.

Calculating a footprint quantifies sustainability. It provides insight into how sustainable your company and your products are and is the starting point for making your entire organization, processes and products more sustainable.

Revolutionary measurement technology, ready for the world of tomorrow.

Greenhouse Marketeers uses advanced software to calculate the environmental impact of agricultural and horticultural companies on dozens of factors.

When the calculation is complete, you know the total environmental impact of your company, of all processes and of all products. The structure of the footprint is also visible. How much does the choice of specific packaging contribute to your environmental impact? And how does the CO2 emissions from heating actually relate to the CO2 emissions from the transport of your products?

The insights that result from the calculation are used to reduce the environmental impact of your company and your products as quickly and effectively as possible. These savings can certainly also result in lower costs. By repeating the footprint calculation every year, it is possible to check how well the measures work.

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