Reducing environmental impact

How can you lower your environmental impact?

There are dozens of ways to lower your footprint. Many companies in the agricultural and horticultural sector are struggling with the question of what can be best deployed with regard to reduction and how this reduction can be achieved. Greenhouse Marketeers offers tailor-made guidance for sustainability. Whether it is about reducing waste, opting for sustainable alternatives or reducing energy consumption: we can help you!

Practical solutions, fitting to your organisation

The insights you get thanks to the footprint calculation from Greenhouse Marketeers offer the starting point for what it is all about: successfully reducing your environmental impact. Because you receive detailed results at company level as well as at process and product level, with our experts you can immediately see what you can do best. And that’s nice. Because why would you invest in solar panels first if it turns out that your impact can be many times greater by choosing alternative packaging?

Thanks to our ever-growing network of sustainable partners and suppliers, Greenhouse Marketeers is able to offer a suitable solution in more and more links in the chain. In this way we make the entire agricultural and horticultural sector more and more sustainable together.

Reducing a complete chain footprint

The demand from consumers and companies for sustainably grown horticultural products is increasing. In addition, there is a growing need among retailers, governments, consumers and environmental organizations for proof that a company operates sustainably. Both chain partners and the market are increasingly asking for footprint calculations of horticultural products. With the Horti Footprint Chain Program, the horticultural sector is taking collective action by responding to these needs. Would you like to know more about making not just your company more sustainable, but the entire chain surrounding your product(s)? Take a look at our Horti Footprint Chain Program initiative.

Do you want to know where you can make the most impact?

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